Framing the Dialogue

The Plastic Magician

Charlie N. Holmberg is the fourth in the Paper Magician series.  If you’ve not read any, well shame on you, but in case, these are set in England more or less and the stories center around magician apprentices who are bonded to certain materials.  In this novel we meet Alvie Brechenmacher who was fortunate to get her first choice in materials, plastic.

“Alvie admired the mark of her achievement a little longer before removing the hat and untying the knots of the apron, which she reverently folded and set at the foot of her bed. A Polymaker. Her. It was really happening, wasn’t it?”

“Alvie stepped up to the easel. Lifted a hand and pressed her fingertips to the cool plastic. She didn’t hesitate.  This was what she wanted more than anything else. She took a deep breath. “Material made by man, your creator summons you. Link to me as I link to you through my years until the day I die and become earth.” The plastic warmed beneath her touch, and heat like a breath flooded her hand and traveled up her arm, cooling somewhere between her shoulder and her collarbone. The plastic tingled against her fingers. She smiled. She was a Polymaker.”

All is not straws and gizmos for the young Polymaker as she and her teacher are at the center of some evil plot to steal secrets.  I’ve enjoyed all of the books in this series and highly recommend them;  Nice stories with a bit of intrigue, though not overly dark.  Great read!

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