Framing the Dialogue

THE Perfect GOP Candidate

Ladies and Gentlemen…Introducing the Perfect GOP candidate!

Keys to the perfect candidate:

  1. Mitt Romney’s hair:  That’s his best feature physically, intellectually, conservatively, etc. though his campaign finances are quite attractive too.
  2. Rick Perry’s thumbs up:  Perry comes across as a very down-to-earth guy and this sells well though he may be a little too much like “W” for many people’s taste.
  3. Herman Cain’s Brain:  You have to love Mr. Cain’s wit, wisdom, and willingness to smash through the veil of political correctness barriers.  He speaks to the people as a person.
  4. Newt Gingrich’s brain:  Newt may have the best “one-liners” from the debates and I would love to see him oppose BHO in presidential debates.  He would dismantle the man.  We still need Mr. Cain’s brain as Newt’s sometimes drifts left.
  5. Chris Christies’s mouth:  What conservative would not LOVE to see Gov. Christie take on the national media.  Just think of the money we’d save by not needing a press secretary.
  6. Chris Christie’s finger wag:  Gov. Christie’s mouth’s best accessory when dressing down some ill-informed liberal.
  7. Not Pictured – Rick Santorum’s spine:  Sen. Santorum takes a licking and keeps coming back.  He doesn’t hide his faith and freely expresses his opinion to the detriment of his campaign. 
  8. Not Pictured – Michelle Bachman’s “guts”:  Viciously attacked by the left she keeps coming and fighting back.  Her conservative bonafides are first-rate.
  9. Not Pictured – Ron Paul’s nerves:  Rep. Paul’s impression of the Energizer Bunny as he continues his good fight for sound fiscal policy in America is needed.  We do want the ability, however, to shut him off when he goes off about other issues.
  10. Not Pictured – Jon Huntsman’s…well I just cannot think of anything that Mr. Huntsman brings to the table except perhaps his father.

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