Framing the Dialogue

The Paris Vendetta

paris vendettaIn this thriller by Steve Berry, Napoleon Bonaparte almost comes alive. Not really, but the banished leader plays in integral part of the plot in The Paris Vendetta. The novel features the return of Cotton Malone the former Justice Department Operative who is pulled back into the underworld to help a friend. Malone gets pulled in different directions trying to help his friend and help his country while their missions do not converge and are often actually at odds. The action is strung out through Denmark, England and Paris with roots in Cairo, Mexico and the home of Napoleon’s final banishment, the island of Saint Helena.

It is an interesting use of history as the backdrop for one of the story lines. There is plenty of action as Malone is joined by Sam Collins a discredited Secret Service employee who reminds Malone of himself at that age. The two characters complement each other and I have to wonder whether this will become a new partnership in future works. I found The Paris Vendetta and interesting and engaging novel with enough action to be riveting at times, but not so much as to detract from the story.


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