Framing the Dialogue

The Paper Magician

The Paper Magician paper magicianis perhaps Harry Potter meets Mary Poppins without so much of the Poppins.  This is the first in the Paper Magician Series where we meet Ceony Twill and bright, young graduate looking forward to her magician apprenticeship.  Coming from a rather poor family Ceony has had to work extra hard to complete her studies in only one year and before her scholarship ran out.  She has dreamed of “bonding” to metal and becoming a Smelter for years and looked forward to meeting her Magician though things didn’t go as she had planned.

“Less than a week had passed since Ceony had heard this, and she felt the tears that had stung the back of her eyes.  ‘Paper is a wonderful medium,’ Mg. Aviosky had continued, ‘and one that’s lost credit in recent years.  With only twelve acting magicians left in that discipline, we have no choice but to direct a portion of our apprentices that way.  I’m sorry.”

Though not the sexy medium of some of the other magicians, Ceony soon finds herself thrust into an intriguing world of dark magic as she tries to fight against these forces to save someone very close to her.  Though new to paper magic she has to use her wits and just-learned skills to face down the evil that confronts her.

So my initial comment about Harry Potter/Mary Poppins was an attempt to give a picture of the type of novel author Charlie N. Holmberg wrote.  You have magic, England, evil, and young folks and in this case the central character is a young woman and you have to admit that the cover art is harkening to Ms. Poppins.

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