Framing the Dialogue

The Panther

I did a thing that I don’t like doing.  I read a book, The Panther, that was not the first in a “series.”  It was just sitting there all attractive in its silver dust jacket at Costco so I bought it.  I had started another, less exciting book, and wanted a good novel to read.  Author Nelson DeMille certainly delivered.  The Panther is a bad guy, a very bad man.  Perhaps the worst is that he is an American citizen who now has an intense hatred of America.  You can guess the religion to which he espouses, though that is not a big part of the book’s narrative.

The bulk of the action takes place in Yemen and a team of Americans is sent to apprehend the individual.  Former NYPD Detective John Corey is the main character and though his asides in the book were a little distracting, they grew on me…sort of.  Unlike a lot of the books in this genre, The Panther, is not full of action and adventure from cover to cover, but it held me as many action novels do.  That is a tribute to Mr. DeMille.  I kept expecting something to happen (and it did), but he built a lot of suspense and forced me to imagine what was going to happen.  And when it happened I was wrong.

One of the best compliments that I can give a book is the “late night” factor award.  Although there is no such official award it is a measure of how late I’ll stay up to finish the book or figure how much is left to read and pick a time when I can finish it uninterrupted.  The Panther made me do both.  I am still a little sleepy this morning after a late night.

Read The Panther.

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