Framing the Dialogue

The Outliers

outliers“But that was before.  Things are divided up that way now: Before. After.  And in the dark and terrible middle lies my mom’s accident four months ago.  In the after, the no-phone rule is so much more important to my dad.  Lots of little things are.  Sometimes, it feels like he’s trying to rebuild our lives out of matchsticks.”

In The Outliers, we meet Wylie who has always struggled emotionally, but even more so since her mother’s accident.  When an estranged friend reaches out for help she must face her fears and decide whether to help and possibly put herself in danger.  Teamed with an unlikely boy from her school, Wylie’s journey is fast, furious, and takes her closer to mysteries of her life than she may be prepared for.

Kimberly McCreight’s novel is listed as a “teen and young adult” book.  That is appropriate for this story.  It was entertaining.  Spoiler alert, the end doesn’t really end.  Generally this irritates me…as it did this time.

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