Framing the Dialogue

The Order

“Gabriel was not yet convinced that anything at all had happened that night, other than that an old man with a weakened heart, a man whom Gabriel loved and admired, had died while praying in his private chapel. Still, he had to admit there were enough troubling circumstances to warrant further investigation, beginning with the whereabouts of Niklaus Janson. Gabriel would try to find him, if only to put Donati’s mind at ease. And his own mind, as well.”

It’s hard to believe that The Order is Daniel Silva’s twentieth novel in the Gabriel Allon series.  I really look forward to this each summer when the book usually is published.  This year was no different.

Allon is called by an old friend to investigate a possible murder…the murder of the Pope.  While nothing in and of itself points to murder, there are enough regularities to arise suspicion.

I have to admit that I was very disappointed in this book.  Raised Catholic, I get a bit tired of authors taking liberties with Catholicism and somehow questioning its roots.  Faith is just that, faith.  I got more Dan Brown than Gabriel Allon from this novel.  Perhaps Mr. Allon has jumped the shark?

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