Framing the Dialogue

The OBA Administration

I’d like to suggest that the Obama Administration be renamed the OBA Administration or the Obama Back-Assward Administration.  When most of us have a problem we try to find and fix using logic.  For instance, my car was having some trouble starting so I had the battery and alternator checked.  If I were to act like the Obama Back-Assward Administration, I would probably have my key checked.  It would be funny except that these folks are “running” the country or should I say “ruining” the country…

Obama Back-Assward Administration 1:  One of George W. Bush’s failings was that he let Ted Kennedy write public education’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation giving loads of money to an already faltering system.  It is funny that now that it is time to “pay the piper” and take action based on Kennedy’s plan most media, politicians, and big education are forgetting that Kennedy wrote this.  Rather than accept what Kennedy wrote into the bill Obama and others are looking to give relief to the affected schools by offering a waiver from mandated testing.  Whew!  The schools get relief and the students get screwed by being forced to stay in underperforming schools.  Perhaps NCLB isn’t the best answer, but it seems a waste to scrap it just as poor performing schools have to make changes or get dumped.   This looks back-assward as the only victims here are the children as everyone else gets relief. 

Obama Back-Assward Administration 2:  Standard & Poor made the historic move to downgrade America’s rating on Friday primarily because of out of control spending by politicians.  As much as I’d like to blame it all on Obama the spending started long before he came into office.  He certainly has accelerated and deserves a lion’s share of blame, but in his back-assward way he calls for additional “revenue” enhancements to battle the budget woes.  Of course “revenue” is code for HIGHER TAXES which as anyone with sense knows that in this economic climate  higher tax rates precede higher unemployment, lower job creation, and recession.  In a speech today he noted:

“”It’s not a lack of plans or policies that’s the problem here.  It’s a lack of political will in Washington. It’s the insistence on drawing lines in the sand, a refusal to put what’s best for the country ahead of self-interest or party or ideology. And that’s what we need to change.” 

Isn’t he the quintessential Washington insider?  Doesn’t his government housing have a D.C. address?  Hasn’t he repeatedly drawn lines in the sand?  Perhaps this is chuzpah rather than back-asswardness.  Of course there is his back-asswardness to increase spending when our debt and deficit are out of control.   To further his back-asswardness Obama’s minions are going on the attack against S&P rather than cutting spending like everybody on EARTH knows he should do.

Obama Back-Assward Administration 3:  Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid all told us how important Obamacare was and how it would improve health care in the United States.  We were told that we would have to wait and see what’s in it.  A vast majority of Americans did not favor passage of the behemoth legislation, but we were told how good it was even though payment for the plan started immediately even though benefits don’t start until 2014.  Obama-Pelosi-Reid back-asswarded this crappy legislation so badly that Obama’s Health and Human Services Administration has issued nearly a thousand waivers; many of these waivers are to groups and businesses that supported the measure.  Perhaps our only hope is with SCOTUS.

Obama Back-Assward Administration 4:  Obama campaigned heavily on the platform that he’d end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan yet here we are still in them.  I understood both campaigns early on, but I struggling to understand how we fight a “war” when we back-asswardly tie our soldiers hands behind their backs with silly rules of engagement that increase the danger to them.  Perhaps we should stop attempting to make folks like us and make them respect us.  They’ll never like us and this direction will never convince them to respect us.  Furthering the back-asswardness of Obama he agreed to attack Libya and continues to participate in military action without Congressional approval.  Furthering the back-asswardnessiosity Obama sits by and allows Assad in Syria to basically do to his citizens what we are supposedly trying to prevent Gadhafi from doing in Libya. 

Obama Back-Assward Administration 5:  America needs energy, lots of energy.  We produce approximately 25 percent of the world’s goods and use approximately the same percent of energy.  Forget the silly, misleading statistic about how our 3 percent of the world’s population consumes 25 percent of its energy.  In his back-asswardness, Obama won’t allow development of nuclear power, is taking broad steps to kill coal, has his sights set on strict limits to damage natural gas drilling, and certainly has put a stranglehold on oil production in the United States.  That leaves us relying on backward source like the sun and wind.  We had better pray for some of Al Gore’s global warming as winter gets cold where I live.

Obama Back-Assward Administration 6:  The job market is rather soft and while the reported unemployment number is 9.2 percent the real number when you consider those who stopped looking or are underemployed it is closer to 20 percent.  We need companies to hire.  One of our country’s biggest employers decided to build a new plant to construct airplanes.  Boeing invested $1 billion on a new plant in South Carolina and planned to hire thousands of workers until Obama’s National Labor Relations Board stepped in an forbade them from opening the facility.  It seems that the new location is in a right-to-work state (you don’t have to join a union to get a job) while their other location is in Washington, a join a union to work state.  Boeing has no plans to close the Washington plant and in fact has increased the number of employees there.  It seems back-assward to kill thousands of jobs, high paying jobs when they are so desperately needed.  In a funny twist, the union stated that,

“The International Association of Machinists (IAM) says it will withdraw its ‘complaint’ with the NLRB if workers at the new plant agree to join the union”

I may have that back-assward, but isn’t that blackmail and against the law in South Carolina?

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