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The Next Four Years…For Me

As Framing The Dialogue has entered into its ninth year things now have changed.  When B.H. Obama won in 2008, I didn’t protest; I didn’t throw rocks at police officers; I didn’t burn cars; I started a blog.  A blog, sadly, that very few people read, but that’s okay as I like writing it.  I was pretty dedicated to 3-4 posts per week and I still think many of them were pretty spot on.  My start in the blogosphere was jump started by George W Bush’s failure to articulate and defend conservative fiscal values…heck he really stopped practicing them in his second term.  The failure of Bush and the RINOs in Congress gave us the housing/financial crisis that contributed to the election of B.H. Obama.  I started Framing The Dialogue shortly thereafter.

President Obama is off to his, hopefully quiet, future (but I doubt it) and while there are still plenty of liberal stupidity out there to comment on, the Democrats (I refuse to call them the Democratic Party) still are spewing their ideology.  What’s great for those of us in flyover country is that the liberal media has been exposed, Hollywood has been exposed, progressive organizations have been exposed.  Just read alternative news sources…please!  My wife and I were walking and discussing some of the “fake news” that’s been exposed and she harkened back to the Walter Cronkite days.  I had to break the news to her that Cronkite was a liberal and did much the same thing as lame-stream media does today.  There just were not any opposing voices that could be heard.  That has changed.  That is so awesome.  We now have Brietbart News, Fox News (I just cannot get enough of Lou Dobbs), Project Veritas, Milo Yiannopoulos, News Busters, and many others who not only  expose progressive’s agendas, but mock political correctness.  Just think about the power of Milo, an outwardly gay, outspoken conservative.  If he were a liberal he’d be a star (he actually is a star) and a regular on Oprah, CNN, and Bill Maher’s show.

Here we are less than 24 hours since Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States and the left is still going nuts.  When will they ever learn?  Hopefully never as the light on their hypocrisy is the best medicine for this country.  Some highlights/lowlight from yesterday:

  • Trump celebrated our military and had the class to include first responders to this event.  He took the opportunity last night to “poll” the audience regarding whether he should give up his Twitter account.  They thought he should keep it.  He also took several opportunities to take jabs a media and most especially CNN…to his follower’s delight.
  • Though a lowlight, the media continues their idiocy;
    • Several media, including MSNBC’s Chris Matthews noted how President Trump’s speech was like Hitler and anti-semetic.  So the guy whose daughter converted to Judaism, married a devout Jewish man, and now has three Jewish grandchildren is somehow anti-Semitic??  Let’s not forget the 44th President’s continued treatment of Israel, seemingly favoritism toward Jew-haters, and interference in Israel’s elections.  Though he was never considered anti-Semitic.
    • Sixty Democrats Congressional members refused to attend the Inauguration showing their low class and disrespect for this country and our election process.  I hope some news organization posts all of their names and that is used against them the next time that they run for office.
    • Left-wing groups opposed to President Trump showed their stuff while hurling objects at police, starting fires and vandalizing property.  Yep that’s the way to have Americans back you.  I only hope that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and not let out like is usually done.  Many of their acts were felonies…convicted felons cannot vote unless, of course, you live in Virginia and your governor pardons you just in time for the election.
    • Hollyweird tried, somewhat successfully, to shame performers into NOT performing for the ceremonies.  Many brave people did and did so proudly.  Many chose their careers over their principles.  Hopefully that will change going forward.  I do wish that celebrities would continue to produce their inane videos protesting President Trump.  That makes it sooo much easier for me to remember which of their products that I will no longer support.
    • President Trump vowed to keep his Twitter account so that he can circumvent the liberal media.  That might be a double-edged sword, but it got him elected.
    • Many Democrat Congress members vowed to fight President Trump at every turn.  My sense is that will please their ever shrinking base of malcontents, but the greater country will prevail.

I have some hope that the changes ahead will bode well for our country.  Trump is not against immigration…he is against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!  Wanting improvements to our immigration policy does not mean letting everyone in.  You had to love his quote, probably a jab at “W”, about securing other country’s borders while ignoring our own.  I have to be encouraged by his cabinet picks who stood tall as media and the left tried to defame them only to come out stronger.  Many of these men and women left high paying jobs to help America be Great Again.

As President Trump forges ahead, I am most interested in his pick for SCOTUS.  Wouldn’t it be great if that selection was Ted Cruz.  What a healing move and what a young, great constructionist on the court.

As many a great sports announcer notes….HERE WE GO!

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