Framing the Dialogue

The New Road to Serfdom

Nearly two years ago I crowned Daniel Hannan a True American Hero.  He was my forth Hero and my second in a row who were not American.  What strikes me most about Daniel Hannan is his deep love of the United States;

“Truly, I thought, America is an extraordinary country.  Every time you think you’ve got it sussed, it surprises you.  It is the sheer diversity of the United States that makes anti-Americanism so perverse.  All humanity is represented in one nation, rendering the dislike of that nation an act of misanthropy.”

In the early part of this book Hannan explodes some of the common myths that Europeans and unfortunately many of the elitists in American believe about the United States.

  • Americans know nothing of the world; most of them don’t even have passports,
  • America is a young country.  It has no history,
  • Americans are great polluters:  they’re addicted to their cars
  • The United States is a country of endless suburbs
  • Americans have no culture, Where is their Shakespeare?
  • Americans are in love with guns.  Their society is crime-ridden
  • American TV is trash
  • Americans don’t vote as much as Europeans

Hannan’s The New Road to Serfdom is mainly a warning for us to avoid the mistakes made by Europeans.  I was surprised by how much sovereignty European nations gave up as they joined the European Union (“EU”).  Citizens’ votes and hence their rights are practically meaningless as decisions are made for them far beyond their borders.  Having lived through this loss of autonomy, Hannan recognizes the symptoms in current American politics and implores us to avoid these mistakes,

“Friendship carries obligations.  When you see a friend about to repeat your mistakes, you try to warn him.  Let me, then, offer this chapter in a spirit of amity.  I have been a Member of the European Parliment for eleven years.  I am living your future.  Let me tell you a few things about it.”

One that especially struck me was the overuse by the Obama White House of non-elected czars to “govern” or rule our lives.  Beyond talk radio and the blogosphere, not much noise has been made about these extra-Constitutional rulers. 

“Democracy is more easily truncated than extended…Governments can set up new agencies and committees – or new federal czars – with little protest.  Which is why Americans shouldn’t be complacent.  Once power shifts from elected representatives to appointed officials, it is no simple matter to shift back.”

Perhaps the scariest move by globalists, of which our current president counts himself, is the use of world courts.  The International Criminal Court (“ICC”) has recently arraigned a serving head of state for the first time.  The ruler is an “unutterable swine,” but the deeper implications for other nations, especially America, frightening.  Not only has an unelected organization gone after a head of state, but they are going after the head of a country that did not sign on to the ICC treaty.  What are the chances that given this unbridled power they would soon go after Europe’s favorite target…the United States?

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