Framing the Dialogue

The New Girl

So if you’ve read any of my book reviews, you already know that summer is an exciting time for me.  Usually each July, Daniel Silva gifts us readers with a new novel featuring Israeli superman, Gabriel Allon.  I am not sure how Mr. Silva has maintained the high level of quality of his novels (this is the nineteenth installment)!  As you also may be aware, I read a lot of books…this is the 58th book this year.  I found myself liking many books and giving the generous ratings on Goodreads.  Then I get to The New Girls and it’s like being attacked.  I mean I cannot put this book (Kindle) down.  It doesn’t seem like enough to give it a meager five stars.

Gabriel Allon is the head of Israel’s “Office”, the intelligence (and action) agency.  He is well known and has to shy away from operations, but as usual gets pulled into danger.  When he is asked by someone who would generally be considered an adversary to help recover a loved one, he is engaged with some old enemies in a race against time.  While Allon deploys his forces to help this man, he struggles to understand whether he is helping the enemy.

“It was clawing at him, that much was obvious. What he needed, she thought, was a painting, a few square meters of damaged canvas that he could make right again. But he had no painting, he had only a country to protect, and he was haunted by the prospect of war in the north. Hezbollah and the Iranians had stockpiled more than one hundred and fifty thousand missiles and rockets in Syria and Lebanon. The largest could reach Tel Aviv and beyond. In the event of a conflict, the entire Galilee and much of the Coastal Plain would be within range.  Thousands might die. “Which is why the American presence in Syria is so important. They’re a tripwire. Once they’re gone, there will be only one check on Hezbollah and Iranian aggression.”

There is no better compliment that I can give a book than to say “it kept me up at night” reading.  The New Girl kept me up at night reading!  I look forward to next July when Gabriel Allon returns.  Thank you Mr. Silva.

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