Framing the Dialogue

The Monster of Florence

image“When the monster of Florence arrived, Florentines faced the killings with disbelief, anguish, terror, and a kind of sick fascination.  They simply could not accept that their exquisitely beautiful city, the physical expression of the Renaissance, the very cradle of Western civilization, could harbor such a monster.  Most of all, they could not accept the idea that the killer might be one of them.”

The The Monster of Florence was written about a series of murders in the Tuscany region of Italy. The crimes were shocking…but the real shock was how the Italian “Justice” system works. Beautiful country…crazy system. I think the tendency of Americans is to think of police and courts as the “innocent until proven guilty” as is prescribed in our laws. Italy is different and eye-opening and dysfunctional and SCARY!

The book was written by two authors; one from Italy and who was involved with reporting on the deaths from the beginning and an American who got caught up with the story much later.

This was a very good book.

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