Framing the Dialogue

The Monster Games

I seem to be doing this comparison thing lately in my book reviews and I am not sure that it’s a good thing? This story combines the powerful creature hunting of Mortal Instruments, the competition like Hunger Games, while keeping just enough Scooby Doo humor.  In book two of the Fright Squad series, The Monster Games, our trio of monster fighters left BEAST and hung up their own “shingle”.  They are functionally broke and are given an opportunity to literally win the weight of their client in gold and the client is quite large.  Only catch is that Abe, Maddie, and Zack have to beat the monsters, most of whom would rather kill these humans than win the contest.

“Zack, Maddie, and myself opened Fright Squad, a freelance monster hunting business that was destined to fail, mainly because we know nothing about businesses. Suffice to say our prices are very reasonable. Probably too reasonable, but what do I know? Go ahead and call us if you like. Not many do.”

“The Boogeyman was a walking promotion of what monsters loved doing best. He was tall and thin. He wore a dark cloak with the hood down. His face was corpse-pale. His lips were black. Eyes yellowish. I saw him smile and I saw that his smile was normal in the human-sense. He had a good smile, a winning politician’s smile. On his head sat a crown made of twisted bones. Ancient. On his hip was a staff with an orb at the top. It is said a great power lies within that orb, the lost souls of the countless victims the Boogeyman had devoured. Not many people can wield such a power. It would be dangerous to even try.”

This is another delightful novel by Flint Maxwell.  “Delightful” kinda sticks in my fingers, but it is a great way to describe this work.  I truly enjoyed it and look forward to the next in the series.

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