Framing the Dialogue

The Memo

So now that the “Memo” is out and the Republicans (all but the never-Trumpers) are calling fowl and the Demoncrats are throwing the kitchen sink at it to discredit it…where do we stand.  I for one don’t think anyone will pay the price for crimes that seem evident if even half of the claims in the memo are true.  That’s the problem in America today.  There seems to be an unspoken agreement between changes of power to NOT investigate or at least not to prosecute the sins of the previous administration.  The Demoncrats claimed all sorts of misdoings by the Bush administration, yet when they took power, and they had both houses of Congress, they did nothing.

Trump is not from the political class, but he is a deal maker and may push aside his desire for “justice” in order to push through his agenda.  The telling will be if the Mueller investigation suddenly stops and make no recommendations for prosecution.  We’ll then know something’s up.

I found this interesting article from Brietbart News that lists “16 bombshells” in the memo.  I am not sure that there are sixteen and I am not sure that they are bombshells as probably most have been at least speculated about over the past month.  Take a look and you decide.  Former FBI Director, James Comey, seems to be a very unsavory character rather than the soul tortured by Trump.

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