Framing the Dialogue

The Matchmaker’s Playbook

matchmakerIn The Matchmaker’s Playbook a promising NFL draft pick is injured in an off field accident and must face a life without football.  To his credit he returns to college to get his degree.  Ian, however, enlists his brilliant and equally studly friend, Lex, to create Wingman, Inc. where they embark on a mission to help lonely or shy or backward women attract the men of their dreams.  In general these women have a guy in mind and the Wingmen just help them get their attention…oh and they generally transform the women into sexual beings.

As Ian and Lex will generally sleep with anyone, but there is a rule within Wingman, Inc. that they are not allowed to sleep with a client (or fall in love with a client).  You get three guesses about what happens and the first two don’t count.  It’s an interesting concept…the Wingman business.

I guess the novel is light and humorous.  It is certainly full of sex.  I generally don’t go for this type of book and I can’t say that I liked this one though I stayed up late last night to finish it.  I think it was more to get it over with and not that it gripped me.  This in not one for the kids.

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