Framing the Dialogue

The Master Sniper

In the waning days of World War II, the Nazis are defeated, but not formally surrendered.  The story is about perhaps their most masterful sniper.  Masterful in that he has killed hundreds if not thousand of soldiers and civilians.  He’s the type who relishes killing and has no compunction with killing hundreds of prisoners after they’ve just dug their own grave.  The Nazis have a plot; a last ditch effort to give one last, huge blow to the Jewish people.  The Master Sniper leaves on a solo mission and only one dogged, American investigator suspects something sinister is going to happen.

“Yet the Germans were going to kill one of them. Leets knew it. There was a man, perhaps in this city, who right now, four hundred miles to the east, in a shattered Germany, sinister minds were planning to kill. He alone knew it.”

It’s a race against time to not only find the sniper, but to determine the target.  All this when most allies are celebrating the victory in Europe.

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