Framing the Dialogue

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

“Jenny went off to the kitchen, trying to put the morning together in her mind, pieces of conversations as surreal as a Dali jigsaw puzzle.  There was definitely something going on in Pine Cove.”

In his second novel in the Pine Cove series, author Christopher Moore brings us back to the lovely, quaint, summer, tourist town of Pine Cove, California.  There is not much connection with the first in the series other than a few of the characters as they enter the post-tourist season.

“In Pine Cove, where nothing happens (or at least nothing has happened for a long time), September is an event; a quiet celebration.  The people like their events quiet.  The reason they came here from the cities in the first place was to get away from things happening.  September is a celebration of sameness  Each September is like the last. Except for this year.”

In the first few pages of the Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove , you get the picture that Moore’s imagination has again run wild and will provide a very unusual and entertaining read.  A horny lizard (this is NOT a books for the kids), a perennially high sheriff, a former action hero, a pharmacist who had an odd sexual preference, and a phychiatrist who decides to experiment with meds is just a glimpse of the inhabitants of the lovely village.

“Memory woke the beast, and like a child lured from under the covers on a snowy morning by the smell of bacon frying, it flicked its great tail, broke free from the ocean floor, and began a slow ascent into the current of tasty treats.  A current that ran along the shore of Pine Cove.”

The second was as good as the first.  Read it.

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