Framing the Dialogue

The Little Beach Street Bakery

beach street bakeryPerhaps the first, most important thing to know about Little Beach Street Bakery is that contrary to the title and the delicious cover art this is not a cookbook.  The book follows a period in Polly Waterford where her life is falling apart and she needs to find a different place to live…one that is cheap enough for her to actually be able to afford.  She winds up in a small island along the Cornish coast and rents an apartment above a dilapidated, closed bakery.

Polly tries to fit into a close-knit community of about a thousand people as she also tries to figure out her life.  Author Jenny Colgan takes us on Polly’s journey of discovery, heartbreak and fun.  The cover art is a bit deceiving as Polly actually loves to bake…

“Polly was very specific about bread.  She loved it.  She had loved it in fashion and out of fashion; as a child, as an adult.  It was her favorite part of going to a restaurant.  She loved it toasted or as it was; she loved bagels, and cheese on toast, and pain d’epices, and twisted Italian plaits.”

I found the novel entertaining and a worthwhile book to read.  While it was a rather “light” read there was a depth, love and sorrow it was all well balanced.

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