Framing the Dialogue

The Lions of Lucerne


I had heard good things about author Brad Thor’s novels featuring U.S. Secret Service agent Scot Harvath.  Rather than read the latest volume, I went back and bought his first novel. The Lions of Lucerne lived up to what I had heard, but it grabbed me and pulled me in like I love novels to do.  The Secret Service’s main role is to protect the President, however, powerful forces pull off perhaps the crime of the century killing all but one of a Secret Service detail.

Scot Harvath survives and uses his Navy SEAL training to avenge the deaths of his comrades and bring justice to those who committed the crimes.  Sophisticated weapons, intrigue, Washington politics, international criminals, and hostile sister agencies (FBI and CIA) plague Harvath’s efforts.  An interesting component of Harvath’s arsenal is a dry sense of humor which adds to the flavor of the hero.

If you want action…read The Lions of Lucerne.  My only recommendation is that you don’t start reading the book until the weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to finish what you started.

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