Framing the Dialogue

The Line

imageEisenhower warned of it…Bill O’Reilly hinted at it in his book – Killing Patton…meant still protest about the “vast military industrial complex.”  In Bob Mayer’s novel,The Line, an unlikely group of military folks think they have uncovered a plot against the United States government or maybe even a military coup.  The small group must face off against a very powerful and secretive group.

“And do you know how many West Pointers there are working in the defense industry?  How many ring-knockers [West Point Graduates] are sitting in boardrooms of companies that supply the tools we use to fight?  And of course they justify it with reasons other than profits:  got to keep those companies in business to keep our defense industry strong.”

I enjoyed the story and there was just enough tech to satisfy my thirst for that king of stuff. I thought it did jump around a bit and left me wanting for some closure of some of the events.  I think there may have been a little cliffhanger, but I’m not sure.

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