Framing the Dialogue

The Lies of Spies

Perhaps ripped from the headlines, Tim Tigner’s The Lies of Spies has both the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Korovin and American President William Silver both plotting courses against each other.  One to achieve world dominance the other to avenge an attempted on his life and to finally put an end to Russian aggression.  Agent Kyle Achilles and associates find themselves trying to carry out the American President’s plan and caught in the middle of trying to foil the Russian plan.  Achilles finds a pair of unlikely comrades in this adventure.

“He was halfway up the stairs when the next ping punched him in the nose. Or rather, the first hydrocarbon molecules. The unmistakable scent of gun oil. He didn’t know if the California senator kept a firearm in her home, but he doubted that she spent a lot of time with Hoppe’s oil and cotton rags. Sinister it was. He’d come here to begin a mission, but apparently the mission had already begun. He just didn’t know what it was.”

If you follow my posts, you notice that I read this book right after reading the first, Pushing Brilliance.  That was great and this is another great novel by Mr. Tigner.  It was fast-paced and kept me on the edge of my seat.

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