Framing the Dialogue

The Last Town

last town“We are the last of our kind, a colony of human beings from the early twenty-first century.  We live in the mountains of what was once Idaho, in a town called Wayward Pines.  Our coordinates are 44 degrees, 13 minutes, 0 seconds North, and 114 degrees, 56 minutes, 16 seconds West.  Is anybody out there?”

Things finally come to a head in Wayward Pines.  In The Last Town sheriff Ethan Burke is forced to choose between his family and what he knows is right and what is necessary for what may be his survival.  This is no easy call in a town where he is not sure who to trust.  Author Blake Crouch introduces a mysterious character and we are left to figure out where he fits into the story.  Many of the individual storylines are explained as the Wayward Pines community seems to be torn apart.

This is the third and final (?) chapter in the Wayward Pines series.  I wonder with the success of the series and the fact that it was made into a television series whether there will somehow be a fourth book.  I’d be up for that as I have enjoyed the series.  I’ve spent more than a few late nights followed by tired mornings captured in my own Wayward Pines world.


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