Framing the Dialogue

The Last Patriot

Brad Thor has brought us Scot Harvath meets The DaVinci Code in this thriller.  The Last Patriot still pits the United States against islamist extremists, but President Rutledge has taken the fight to the base of the Muslim issue…The Koran.  While Harvath doesn’t quite give up exotic weaponry, stealthy operations, or enhanced interrogation, he is more concerned with ancient literature, Don Quixote, wooden puzzle boxes and Thomas Jefferson.

This is a pleasant departure from the typical shoot-em-up storyline, but no less action-packed.  Thor takes aim at some “fictional” organizations and some not so fictional countries and their support of fundamentalism and as a consequence terrorism.  I am an admirer of Thor’s novels and this novel lived up to his prior body of work.  I recommend that you read his books in order to get the most out of the series. 

As usual I chose some excerpts that are compelling;

“Jefferson wasn’t anti-Islam.  He was anti-Islamist.  There’s a distinction.  He didn’t give a damn whether his neighbor claimed there were twenty gods or no God, as long as the man neither picked his pocket nor broke his leg.  Fundamentalist Islam, though, picks pockets and breaks legs and that’s why Jefferson had to find a way to stop it.  He was the father of the separation of church and state, after all.  But the fundamental underlying problem with fundamentalist Islam is that it is both political and religious.  It teaches that the two cannot be separated…that all governments worldwide should be Islamic.”

“the Tripoli Monument, it was sculpted in 1806 to commemorate the heroes of the first war against the Barbary pirates…honoring the heroes’ role in preserving America’s right to trade unmolested by the Muslim pirates in the Mediterranean…cited by Congress for their gallantry, who took brave action on ‘the shores of Tripoli’ against the Muslim pirates before ‘Tripoli’s pasha’ finally relented.”

It is funny how much I learn from some of these novels.  I had never heard of this monument.  We are all familiar with the Marine Corps hymn and the “to the shores of Tripoli” line.  How many knew that this battle against Muslim pirates was America’s first war off of our shores.  How many knew that the Tripoli Monument is the country’s oldest military monument?

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