Framing the Dialogue

The Last Man

“Fine, you stubborn fool. Rapp has already warned you what he would do to you if you stabbed him in the back again…Does he strike you as a man who doesn’t follow through on his threats?’…His friend had turned into a stubborn old fool who thought the Americans lacked the resolve to play this nasty game at his ruthless level. For the average American he had a point, but Mitch Rapp was in no way average…’If you aren’t afraid of Mr. Rapp then you need to have your head examined.”

Yes Mitch is back and as good as ever in Vince Flynn’s new novel, The Last Man. Maybe he is better than ever when a top CIA operative is missing. Rapp’s role has changed, officially, in the CIA, but he doesn’t hesitate to jump in, take over, and get results while pissing off a few folks. Flynn takes us again into the sleazy underbelly of some of our Mid Eastern “Allies” as he tries to recover the asset before too much information is divulged.

Mr. Flynn seems almost prescient with some of the storylines that that seem “ripped from the headlines” in many of his books. The Last Man is action-packed from cover to cover as I have come to expect and love about Mitch Rapp. I actually create a calendar entry when I know that one of Flynn’s books are going to be released and try to purchase my copy that first day. I was a few days late this time, but hungrily devoured the book in a day. As I have said before about Flynn’s work and some other authors there is no better compliment that I can make about a book is how much other activity I schedule around reading and finishing the book. The Last Man is one such book.


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