Framing the Dialogue

The King’s Hounds

kings houndSet in the 11th Century where King Cnut has just conquered England and is trying to rule over an unhappy cabal of follows including the vanquished and those that changed sides to be on the wining side rather than out of some deep belief.  King Cnut has a brutal grip on things, but when a sworn enemy is murdered his plan to unite the different kingdoms is in jeopardy.  In desperation, Cnut calls on the services of two unlikely men who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time for them.  In The King’s Hounds Winston, a former monk, and Halfdan, a former nobleman’s son, are compelled to solve the murder.  These two unlikely detectives are hampered by the distrust of those involved, the impatient king, and the trials of getting around in that time period.  Oh and the fact that they are generally not considered royalty doesn’t help them.

“People would remember the murdered noblemen, but for every thane or ealdorman killed, dozens of commoners would pay the ultimate price as well.”

I found this to be an enjoyable novel to read.  I have read several in what I’d call the early centuries murder mysteries and Martn Jensen’s book is equal to the one’s that I have read.


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