Framing the Dialogue

The Killing School

The Killing School is an inside look at how Brandon Webb was asked to take on the task of reconfiguring the U.S. Naval SEAL Sniper School.  You get a detailed insight in what Webb’s sniper training was like and how he and others worked to integrate more updated techniques into the training program.  The book was accompanied by experiences of some of the best of the best snipers of North America.  This was a generous look into what is a very close-knit community.

“The sniper’s mission is to deliver life by delivering death. This is the story of the people who do that: who they are, how they do what they do, and the training that produces them.”

I guess that my biggest take is that snipers spend most of their time on recon; they just don’t sit on a roof and shoot people.  

“Being a sniper is not the same thing as being a marksman. In today’s warfare, a sniper is first and foremost an intelligence asset. Which means that as important as shooting is to a sniper, it’s less about how to use a gun, more about how to use your eyes, and even more about how to use your brain. Every great sniper seems to have some quality, skill, or attribute that has nothing to do with shooting but everything to do with mastering the sniper’s craft.”

This was an interesting read and not for snowflakes.  I for one am very glad that there are folks on our side doing everything to protect our lifestyle.  A lot of these men are the first ones into a mission and the last to leave.  A very dangerous position.

“There is the mission, there is the plan—and then there’s what actually happens. Nothing ever goes according to plan, ever. It’s the first rule of combat. Which means simple reaction is rarely an effective tactic. The essence of effective Spec Ops is the ability to respond and adapt, to be instantly creative and inventive. In other words, to think and execute outside the box.”



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