Framing the Dialogue

The Kill Switch

kill switch“Through the snow-covered fur, he felt the tense muscles of the small Belgian shepherd, Kane was a military working dog, a Belgian Malinois, paired years ago with Tucker back in Afghanistan.  After Tucker left the service, he took Kane with him.  They were bound together tighter than any leash, each capable of reading the other, a communication that went beyond any spoken word or hand signal.”

In The Kill Switch, author James Rollins brings us the story of private citizen Tucker Wayne and his companion, Kane.  Tucker and Kane comprise a private security team whose services are for hire.  The just are finishing up a stint behind the old Iron Curtin when they are contacted by some “friends” who want to hire him for an easy job…and since he is already near where he is needed this should be a no-brainer for him.  He just has to get this rich guy out of Russia.  You get three guesses whether this turns out to be an easy job and the first two guesses don’t count.

This book is really in three parts as Tucker and Kane continue on past the original scope of the work.  It is an interesting twist on the typical action-adventure novel to have the service dog, Kane, as the partner of the main character.  Mr. Rollins occasionally puts us in Kane’s thoughts as he executes the commands from his partner.

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