Framing the Dialogue

The Kill List

kill listThe United States and Great Britain are the victims of seemingly random acts of terrorism by single actors.  These Islamists target higher profile citizen from which to wage their bloody war.  The only link seems to be a mysterious “Preacher” who encourages conversion to radical beliefs and edges on weak-minded Muslims to kill. The Kill List is a secret list known only by a few people in American government.  As you might guess the people on this list are to be found and killed.  Author Frederick Fosyth’s hero goes by many names, but is known as the Tracker and he is assigned to take care of the Preacher by any means and money is no object.

This was a good novel in the thriller genre.  There is less of a reliance on physical action and more of a manhunt/homicide investigation feel.  Though the jury is out on the Preacher and the verdict is not good for his longevity.  Fortunately for me this was a good way to revive myself after the last book that I read which was rather slow and plodding.  The Kill List is NOT this way.

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