Framing the Dialogue

The Intercept

the intercept 1The Intercept is the first novel by famed television creator Dick Wolf.  Mr. Wolf joins a crowded genre of American law enforcement personnel working to prevent another terrorist attack in the United States.  We are introduced to Jeremy Fisk, an NYPD detective assigned to their Intelligence Division, the only such local government to have an intelligence service.  They are tasked with protecting New York City from further attacks and the Muslim terrorists have not been idle;

“We need a single target of supreme consequence.  A strike that will break the soul of the Western demon.  Our enemy has raised its heavy shield in anticipation, inviting us to strike it directly, like fools…Instead we will feint to expose their vulnerability – and then strike deeply and cleanly.  Remember, a strike to the ankle is just as fatal as one to the throat.  For the giant still falls.”

Any guess where the “ankle” might be?  Jeremy Fisk and his partner race against the clock to expose the terror plot as they do not know the target or the perpetrator…they just know it’s coming.  Wolf sets a good pace for the reader and brings you along as a fellow detective trying to solve the mystery.  It is the type of thriller that I like…one that sometimes lets you figure out a piece of the puzzle right before it is revealed knowing there is more to come.

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