Framing the Dialogue

The Insider Threat

“the Islamic State had become the most powerful terrorist organization on the face of the earth. Encompassing broad swaths of terrain across Syria and Iraq, the group possessed a brutality unheard-of in the modern world.  But it was not unlike the history of the past. The Islamic State cowed its opponents with an unparalleled ability to instill fear, using new social media grafted on twelfth-century barbarism to depict beheadings, crucifixions, torture, and mass executions, and in so doing recruiting waves of others to continue the killing.”

Deep inside America’s government, the Taskforce is given the responsibility to root out and remove threats to the country.  Pike Logan is perhaps the best team leader and one who habitually goes too far, unless you’re the one he is trying to save.  In The Insider Threat, ISIS plans an ingenious attack using men from an unusual background.  Under cover of multiple attacks, the special group is planning an assignation that will ripple around the world.  Can Pike and his team stop it?

“I thought about it. Kurt’s conversation with me last night had driven home that a slaughter was coming. All indicators were putting the attack as imminent, and the Islamic State had shown a barbarity unlike anything seen since the Middle Ages. They’d put enormous effort into this plan, and the end result would be commensurate.  Something more horrible than the burning of the Jordanian pilot.”

It’s been a while since I’ve read one of Brad Taylor’s novels featuring the character, Pike Logan.  This series is one of this genre that is waaay above average.  This episode shines with its thrilling and energetic pace.  I look forward to catching up with this series.

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