Framing the Dialogue

The Innocent

innocentIn the first of the Will Robie thrillers, The Innocent, Robie path is crossed with a young lady who throws him off of his game after he could not go through with a hit that he was ordered to complete,  He cannot bring himself to leave her behind.  Their paths are intertwined though he is not sure why or even if it is just a coincidence.  Their lives are at risk and he has to fend off a determined FBI agent also trying to solve a series of murders.  He is used to the chess game of his profession, but he is not sure whether he is playing or is a piece being manipulated.  Robie’s enemies always seem to be one step ahead.

I am fairly late to the David Baldacci bus, but I have been enjoying his work…especially the Will Robie series (I unfortunately read the second in the series first).  What can I say, but I love good versus evil and having evil losing.  That’s a pretty good formula for entertainment.  This is worth reading.

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