Framing the Dialogue

The Inner Circle

Imagine that there is a very secret society or ring who has a mission of protecting the American presidency.  Not necessarily the U.S. President, but the office.  Now imagine that there may be a ring within the ring operating at odds.  Imagine being thrust into the middle of this chaos when an old flame shows up asking for help and the mystery further unravels.  In the first of the Culper Ring series, Beecher White is an archivist working in the National Archives and his calm…maybe somewhat boring job turns on a dime into action adventure.

“Of all the people in this room, he came straight to me. And while I still don’t know if Khazei’s threatening me for the book, or just investigating the loss of an employee, based on the intensity of his questions, one thing is clear: The book… the video… the President… even Orlando… There are multiple rings on this bull’seye—and right now, every one of those rings is tightening around my neck.”

Does White win in the end?  Which “Ring” is the correct wing?  What does he do with his knowledge?  I guess that you’ll have to read the novel to know.

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