Framing the Dialogue

The Hit

imageAlthough David Baldacci is a rather prolific and popular author, I had not read many of his novels.  I usually feel that when an author puts out that many books they are either written by someone else or if written by the author they may not be his best work.  That’s just my gut feeling.  I think my first book by this author was a few weeks ago, Memory Man.  It was decent, but wouldn’t drive me back again and again to this author.

So when I saw The Hit in a Sam’s Club bargain table I was hesitant.  I am very glad that I “splurged” and bought the book.  I generally read on Kindle, but still absolutely love a read, hard-cover book and I was due.  Baldacci’s work here was exactly what I want in a book with his story as two CIA operatives (Will Robie and Jessica Reel) are caught up in a pitched effort to find each other after the murders of some CIA personnel, including one very high individual.  What seems to be a plot against the United States turns out…

Sorry you’ll have to read the book.  This was a page turner and a novel that I found myself on more than one occasion gauging how late to stay up to get to a natural break so that I could sleep.  As I have said in the past, there is no better compliment to give a novel than trading sleep to read more.

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