Framing the Dialogue

The Grass Is Not Always Greener

As a father of three, it is always nice to see my children learn their lessons.  My wife and I often provided guidance, but sometimes they just knew best and had to try things their way.  There is a deep satisfaction when they knew what was best only to discover that Mom and Day were right.   You do not even have to say “I told you so” to get that satisfaction and, in fact, it is better to keep those words in your head.  Everybody knows it; the words are not necessary.

I started to think of this when I read an article about a recent Gallup Poll showing President Obama’s approval rating has slipped to its lowest point.  It is still a hefty 58%, but there was a pretty good drop among registered Independents.  There is even some news that his far left base is not happy with some of his actions.  It will be interesting to see how/if his numbers drop more since he murdered that innocent fly.  It probably had little maggots to nurture and think of the carbon that was released upon its death!

Running against an incumbent has some advantages.  I know that you are saying that McCain was not the president, but Obama never really ran against McCain.  He ran his campaign against President Bush and Gov. Sarah Palin making Sen. McCain an afterthought.  If you followed Barack Obama’s campaign you would have been aware of how many conflicting promises he made to various groups that could not be kept.  How do you protect marriage between a man and a woman (his position) and promote gay “rights” when what they want is gay marriage?  How do you cut taxes for 95% of Americans when only around 50% actually pay taxes?  So many promises and no way to keep them. 

Now that he is president, the grass may not be as green as it looked on his campaign trail, though ne never seems to be in the White House long enough to see the lawn.  Maybe that is because it is a “Smoke Free” building and he cannot light up while there?

I have also been seeing more unflattering parodies featuring President Obama.  Newsbusters featured two such parodies today.  The first one was a takeoff on the Geico commercial with the “money you could save,” but this was money that could be saved by rejecting stimulus.  Not a chance of that happening.

The second parody was done by JibJab and features a superhero Obama.  This is not an article by the NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., but a real funny video.  What is most interesting to me is how the folks at JibJab featured his very, very, large ears.  It is very funny to watch them flop around as he bounds about saving the planet.  I thought that making fun of his ears was off limits.  I expect JibJab to get a visit from the IRS in the near future.

Of course those two parodies were posted on conservative blogs, where Obama has been treated less cordially that in the main stream media.  Even his drop in the Gallup Poll could be transitory, but I did see an unequivocal sign of Obama fatigue today.  I had the pleasure (and by pleasure I mean pain) of spending the better part of an hour in our local TJ Maxx this afternoon.  It is a great store, but I can finish there in around seven minutes.

I strolled back to the clearance isle to look for bargains and was struck by an item peeking out at me.  It looked familiar, but seemed out of place, but the colors drew me in.  As I looked closer I could not “BELIEVE” my eyes as it was a picture of our beloved leader with his “believe” message shoved there with all of the other clearance stuff.  It was right there under the tacky bunny with the broken ear. 

I did not look for the price; I just snapped a picture with my phone.  This picture is priceless.  Further up the isle was another Obama clearance item.  This one seemed to be acting like a trivet for a clearanced pan.  Oh how the “almighty” have fallen.  From first to the clearance bin at TJ’s in less than six months. 

I am looking forward to hear my first Obama-voting colleague lament the actions of Obama. 

I have not decided whether to say “I told you so.”

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