Framing the Dialogue

The Godwulf Manuscript

“You from House Beautiful or something? He said.  ‘Nope, I’m a private detective.’  I showed him the photostat of my license.  ‘I’m trying to clear Terry Orchard of the murder charge.  I’m also looking for the Godwulf Manuscript and I think they’re connected.  Can you help me?’  ‘I don’t know nothing about no murder, man, and nothing about no jive ass manuscript.’  Why did all the radical white kids from places like Scarsdale and Bel Air try to talk as if they’d been brought up in Brownsville and Watts?  He stubbed out his Kool and lit another.”

It can be an adventure reading a book published 24 years ago. The Godwulf Manuscript could probably not be published today without serious “political correctness” editing.  There are lots of “broads,” smoking, drinking and probably not enough graphic sex.  There is sex, it’s just not that graphic by today’s standards.  This was the introductory thriller for private investigator Frank Spenser…one tough dick (detective).  Robert B. Parker , who died last year, wrote an entertaining murder mystery, but there was not much thrill and the mystery was not suspenseful.  I’d probably call it a beach book as one you can pick up between naps in the sand, but won’t keep you glued to its pages.

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