Framing the Dialogue

The Gods of Gotham

gods of gothamSet in the mid Nineteenth Century New York City, The Gods of Gotham is about a murder mystery that threatens the fledgling police force.  Former bar tender Timothy Wilde has a knack for detective work and is thrust into trying to solve the crime.  It’s a violent era in the city and it doesn’t take much to set off the tinderbox that is the overcrowded forming metropolis.

Author Lyndsay Faye provided a compelling tale using a historic backdrop that drew me in to the novel.  Based on comments from others she seems to have accurately captured the details of the era.  I have read several novels where detective work did not rely on fancy gadgets and hi-tech instruments.  As with them, Faye’s hero has to rely on his instincts to pursue the offender.  As with them I found The Gods of Gotham an interesting book.  The only fault is with the ending and I found it a little disappointing.  I cannot say more without ruining the novel and it is worth not spoiling the ending.

The author seems to have created a group of characters that can have many more adventures.  I hope so.


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