Framing the Dialogue

The Girl In the Ice

girl in iceIn the first in the Erika Foster crime thriller novels a nursery worker finds a woman under the ice at a pond near his work.  The girl was brutally murdered and the hunt is on for the killer.  Unfortunately the wealthy and powerful family of the victim are not as cooperative as one might expect and they may also be suspects.  Foster enters and the “boss” supplanting another who is none too keen on the supplanting and does not have her best interest in his heart.  Add that to not knowing the other officers and a bit of pressure to solve the crime and you have…The Girl in the Ice.

“His heart racing, he reached out and gently squeezed it.  It was cold and rubbery.  Frost clung to the fingernail, which was painted a deep purple.  He pulled the sleeve of his coat over his hand and rubbed at the ice around it.  The light from the iPhone cast the frozen surface in a murky green, and underneath he saw…”

Set in England, author Robert Bryndza brings us a thrilling tale of a race for Detective Chief Inspector Erika Foster to find the killer before the forces at bay end her career.  She is persistent which can be deadly with a killer on the loose.

One thing that strikes me when I read thrillers set in England is the commonness of CCTV or video coverage of almost every aspect of their lives.  I know that it is here in the United States to an extent, but it is unnerving to think of how much is captured on tape.  This was an enjoyable story and gave me some sleepless nights…not out of fear, but out of not wanting to put the book (Kindle) down.

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