Framing the Dialogue

The Forgotten Soldier

The ninth in Brad Taylor’s Pike Logan series, The Forgotten Soldier, brings us the story of one of Pike’s colleagues who is grieving because of the death of his brother in Afghanistan.  The IED killed his brother and with most people that is about all that you can do.  Guy George, a member trained by the U.S. Military and then The Taskforce, had skills which allowed him to do more than accept his brother’s fate.  His grief, his skill, and his conviction that he could find those responsible put him at odds with the Taskforce.  When he “disappears”, Logan and his team must bring him back.

“The Taskforce had worked like a well-oiled machine for years, proving its worth, eliminating one threat after another. A benign beast growing in strength, it had always done what was asked by the Council. But now it was off the rails, the beast looking for blood outside of the masters. A man recruited, trained, and equipped for missions at the national level, someone told repeatedly to ignore the laws of the land for the greater good, was now doing exactly what he’d been taught.”

Another great thriller from Brad Taylor.  Pike Logan is one of my favorite characters in this genre.

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