Framing the Dialogue

The First Deadly Sin

They say that the hardest crimes to solve are those where the deed is done by a complete stranger.  Perhaps a stranger simply killing someone that he does not know.  If that works, maybe he’ll try it again.  But the other side, the lawful side, gets a say in the game.  How long can you get away with the killing?

“But now, playing his victim-killer game in the first raw attempt to understand what had happened and to begin a possible solution of this crime, he was sadly aware that he had a deeper motive, more felt than thought. He had never spoken of it to anyone, not even Barbara, although he suspected she guessed. It was perhaps due to his Catholic nurture that he sought to set the world aright. He wanted to be God’s surrogate on earth. It was, he knew, a shameful want. He recognized the sin. It was pride.”

This novel was really really dark and bizarre for me and I’ve read Karin Slaughter and Andrew Mayne books.  Not my cup of tea (murder).

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