Framing the Dialogue

The First Conspiracy

In Brad Meltzer’s novel about “The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington” I learned quite a bit about the early days of our country.  George Washington was chosen to lead a rag tag army against the most formidable military in the world.  Washington is the most qualified available, but doesn’t really have any leadership experience as he was generally a lower ranking officer.  

“More than anything, Washington tries to instill in the troops from so many colonies that they are now fighting as one army, joined in a new American cause. Coming from so many regions, and without a common uniform or even a common flag to bind them, the new army will have to unite behind the idea of a shared purpose. In his general orders of July 4, 1775, Washington appeals to this lofty aspiration of national unity”

While preparing for a massive British invasion, Washington and his officers face an unrelenting series of whisperings of spying and potential terrorist activities by the loyalists…including killing Washington himself.  Some of the soldiers closest to Washington may be involved.

“George Washington needs help. Ever since the Continental forces arrived in New York more than a month ago, Washington and his officers have learned about one Loyalist plot after another, a seemingly endless series of dangerous schemes circulating in and around the city. Preparing for the British attack is already an awesome undertaking. Responding to the plots of domestic enemies adds yet another layer of fear and uncertainty.”

This was a mostly enjoyable book based on very little positive proof.  I think this is written in the style of Bill O’Reilly’s “killing” series.

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