Framing the Dialogue

The First Commandment

Another first-rate thriller by author Brad Thor.  This time the jihadis hit a little to close to home to suit super agent Scot Harvath.  In The First Commandment the Islamic Fundamentalists threaten a segment of our population that will raise the hackles on the back of your neck and reach for your own gun if you have one.  Harvath is unable to get help from America’s agencies so he relies on some surprising people in his quest to identify and eliminate a diabolical killer who threatens American lives. 

As good as Thor’s books have been I think this is the first one that I read cover-to-cover in one day.  I often wonder two things about Thor’s novels; do we have agents like Harvath who will stop at nothing to protect us and are the terrorists as blood-thirsty and evil as portrayed?  I suspect the answer is sort of and yes.  This quote is from the beginning of the book

De inimico non loquaris male, sed cogites (Do not wish ill for your enemy, plan it)

If you need a great book to curl up with on a cool evening this would be a great choice.

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