Framing the Dialogue

The Final Day

“In this the third year since the Day, an economic trading system was again back in place, and it did include white lightning brewed in remote mountain valleys, but now included much else as well. Those with foresight to stockpile some precious metals found they indeed had real worth again; in fact, by the standards of this terrible new world, they could be counted as wealthy, the silver and gold not just something to be locked away in a safe for “just in case”—“just in case” had indeed arrived at last.”

Flash back a few years when all seemed normal.  One second later, nothing is normal.  One year later as things move toward normalcy things start to unwind.  In The Final Day, John Matherson is contacted by an old friend; the man he was talking to before the EMPs were detonated above the United States; a man he assumed was dead.  Could he still trust this man?  Matherson knows that he is a wanted man by the new government.  This man is a military officer in this new government.  The threats Matherson faces now endanger his family and those in his new coalition.

The Final Day is another well written novel by William R. Forstchen.  I’ve enjoyed reading the series and note that we should all be a lot better prepared.


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