Framing the Dialogue

The Fifth Season

I’m not sure what to say about this novel.  It seems to be very popular, but it just was not for me. The Fifth Season is the first in the Broken Earth Books where certain people have the means to wield the power of the earth for good or evil.  These beings are both hated and needed and it is a parent’s sorrow should one of their offspring be born with the powers.

The story follows three groups as one searches for her only surviving child, another is being tutored by a crazily powerful “ten-ringer” (they get a ring when achieving each level), and a young child placed in training for use of her powers later.  Even pending the “stillness” and the end of the earth’s population, being outside of your village is no place to be.

“There’d been people there, several dozen, some of them camping around the roadhouse and some of them just stopping there briefly. All of them had the look you’re starting to identify as slow-building panic. Because everyone’s finally begun to realize what the shake and the redglow and the clouded sky all mean, and to be outside of a community’s gates at a time like this is—in the long run—a death sentence, except for a handful who are willing to become brutal enough or depraved enough to do what they must. Even those only have a chance at survival.”

I found this book to confusing for me so I rather didn’t enjoy it.  I did finish it, but won’t be reading the rest in the series.

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