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The Fifth Dimension

irsThis week’s cavalcade of IRS shenanigans featured a Deputy IRS Directory, Greg Roseman, who, when questioned by a congressman, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.  That is the second IRS official to delve into the fifth dimension in as many months.  In case you weren’t keeping track of all of the IRS scandals this one doesn’t deal with the targeting, harassing, and preventing conservative groups from organizing.  They could certainly organize, it was just raising money that they really couldn’t do.

Back to Roseman and as reported by Fox News

“Roseman, a Deputy IRS Director, spearheaded the awarding of the IRS’s largest contract in history to a company owned by a close friend of his, an action that is prohibited under government contracting regulations.  The company is Strong Castle, Inc., owned by Braulio Castillo. Castillo won several contracts totaling almost $500 million for IRS IT services in part on the basis of his friendship with Roseman and by qualifying for two minority programs that allow disadvantaged applicants a better chance of winning lucrative government contracts…(Castillo) won entrance into another minority set-aside program run by the Veterans Administration that gives disabled vets certain advantages in federal contracting. His disability? An ankle twisted during football at the US Military Academy Prep School 27 years ago.”

It also came out that Castillo actually played college football after his “disability” and that he seems to be getting some disability benefits ($$).  That’s in addition to the half a billion dollars in contracts with the IRS.  If your eyes are not popping out yet you’ll love this from The Washington Times

 “TIGTA [Inspector General] concluded that inappropriate criteria were used to identify potential political cases for extra scrutiny — specifically, the criteria listed in our audit report. From our audit work, we did not find evidence that the criteria you identified, labeled “Progressives,” were used by the IRS to select potential political cases during the 2010 to 2012 time frame we audited,” Mr. George said.  That finding contradicts claims by congressional Democrats who said liberal groups were targeted too — and, they argue, that suggests the scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service didn’t have a political bias.  Hours after the letter was released, acting IRS chief Daniel Werfel said that while an initial investigation has found no evidence of bias or political motivation, he didn’t disagree with the auditor’s conclusions.”

IRS-3-copyDanny boy had to get in that “no evidence of bias or political motivation” crap.  What else could it have been Danny?  Please explain.  I don’t doubt that there is “no evidence.”  Richard Nixon showed future politicians the way NOT to do things.  There will be no evidence, not likely anything in writing, but this smells like a duck, looks like a duck, acts like a duck.  Are we being asked to believe that it was purely a coincidence that groups who would oppose an Obama Administration and certainly work against his reelection where savaged by the IRS under Obama?  To quote John Stossel, “give me a break.”

I’ve only touched on a few of the scandals mostly because I cannot read anymore of it.  Feel free to “Bing” search IRS Scandal and you’ll get a lot to read.

One only has to wonder how long it will be until Mr. Werfel will be entering the fifth dimension, or more likely the twilight zone.

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