Framing the Dialogue

The Fifth Angel

Imagine that one of your children has been kidnapped, abused, and found alive, but not really alive.  Imagine that you have been a successful criminal prosecutor and watch the “justice system” offer more protection to the criminal than the victim.  Imagine knowing that the person who did this to your child will get out of jail long before your child recovers.  Imagine if you know enough to realize that you cannot do anything about the evil person yourself because you’d be the natural suspect and couldn’t risk not being there for your daughter.  Imagine if you had access to information about other, similar savages that you could not be connected to.

In Tim Green’s thriller The Fifth Angel you get to meet Jack Ruskin, a man who the unimaginable has happened.  You’ll enjoy this thriller as Ruskin races to take vengeance on evil as the “Fifth Angel” while the FBI hones in on their suspect in a series of murders.  I found this novel to be quite enjoyable and difficult to put down during the last one hundred pages.

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