Framing the Dialogue

The English Spy

english spyBy my rough count The English Spy is my eighteenth Gabriel Allon thriller.  Author Daniel Silva has, in my opinion, done it yet again and I have enjoyed every one of the eighteen.  I usually give my opinion about the book at the end of my review, but I really need to thank Mr. Silva for the pleasure of reading his books over the years.  It’s gotten to the point where I mark in my calendar when a new novel is scheduled for release and do what I can to get it on the day of release and often put down whatever book I am reading to delve in.  I know I’ll lose sleep and the book won’t last long, but I’ll enjoy every minute.  Thank you very much Mr. Silva.

So what happens in The English Spy?  The murder of a very famous British citizen sparks an international hunt for the killer.  Obvious culprits may not be the ones responsible and MI6 enlists the help of The Office and Allon to help solve the crime.  Allon enlists the help of an old associate to crawl deep into the country to catch the killer who seems to be a step ahead at all times and not afraid to kill innocent people to exact his revenge.  Oh and he is being paid by an rather evil empire.

Great book!  Again!  I look forward to the transition as Allon takes the reigns of The Office and fully expect his new English protégé to play a big part in future novels.

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