Framing the Dialogue

The English Girl

image“Whatever it is, it had better be something big.’ I’m Gabriel Allon. I only do big.”

In The English Girl Gabriel Allon does big.  It is interesting “watching” Gabriel Allon grow and grow older as the master spy for Israel.  As he takes on less of an operational role others take on a bigger part.  In this Daniel Silva best seller the world may not hinge completely on Allon’s actions so this novel is a little different.  It is no less action packed or thrilling just a little different.  The English Girl is almost two novels as one story seems to end as you’ll notice as you get about halfway and it seems to be winding down.  It powers back up in the City of Heretics.

Daniel Silva has been a favorite author of mine and never fails to reward me with a great novel.  Thanks to him for his great work.  I plan my reading “calendar” around his releases and as a testament to his following I read and re-s0ld this book in five days.  I look forward to the next adventure with Gabriel Allon.

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