Framing the Dialogue

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Enemy of My Enemy is my friend.  That’s how the quote goes and in this the second in author Richard Bard’s Brainrush series, a cadre of unlikely folks band together to fight another group of folks who have banded together to attack the United States.  Jake Bronson is back as the hero, but his super abilities are taking a toll on his body.  Jake and his friends race to save their loved ones as well as the country against the terrorists set on bringing down the “Great Satan”.

This novel features all of the great parts of a good thriller; race against time, cold-blooded enemy, against all odds.  While my description sounds a bit negative, and I do have some issues with books that seem to leave a cliff hanger enough to not allow me as the reader feel completely satisfied, I do admit that I stayed up late to finish the book on a “work night”.  There is perhaps no better compliment that I can give a book.  I enjoyed it.  Spoiler alert there is a third (and more) in the series.

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