Framing the Dialogue

The Einstein Prophecy

einsteinThe Einstein Prophecy is an unusual combination featuring components of The Monuments Men and their search for historic artifacts during World War II, The Shining as evil comes to Princeton, and a race to build a nuclear bomb before the Nazi’s can complete the task.  Albert Einstein is a featured character in the novel by author Robert Masello. 

I sort of enjoyed the novel, but it is still hard for me to characterize the book.  Maybe that is the author’s intent, but I am not much of an fan of books about the devil and probably wouldn’t typically read this book.  I am not sure the mix of types worked for me.  Of interest to me personally, the author made note of the battle of Saint Lo, in northwestern France.  Of the eleven thousand casualties, was my mother’s brother.  She was just a teenager at the time of the family trauma.

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