Framing the Dialogue

The Doll

dollAuthor Taylor Stevens’ character Vanessa Michael Munroe, has become one of my favorite recurring “thriller” characters.  Munroe eases between male and female personalities as she goes about her job.  I’ve read several novels now and it is rather hard to describe exactly what her job is.  I guess she does the extraordinarily hard jobs that no one else can really do.  The inside book jacket of my copy of The Doll describes her as a “chameleon and hunter.”  I guess that sums it up except that I’d add that she has a side to help those who are weak and need protected AND saved.

In The Doll, Monroe is forced to deliver a package to a very rich man.  The dilemma is that the package does not want to be delivered, the rich man probably doesn’t have the best intent for the package, and Monroe has to complete the mission or other innocents may be harmed.  The organization pulling Monroe’s strings seem to know far too much about her and are one step ahead of her.


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